How Our Program Works

How Our Program Works

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If pests return after treatment and before our next scheduled
service visit, we’ll provide treatment at no extra charge.
No ifs or buts about it!

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Pest Control Services

Greenhouse is a smarter kind of pest management service. Using the most effective EPA granted Reduced Risk products, posing less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives, we are the worry-free option.

We service your home quarterly using the latest techniques and technology, which includes our Florida All Seasons Protection Program tailored to the geography and seasons at your home. We tailor each service to the risk areas identified by our pest specialists. We don’t do a regular pest control spray, we inspect and spot treat the entire perimeter of your home – all the way from the back fence to the front of the property. The way we see it, we don’t just control pests, we protect the places where your memories are made.

After our first visit which is designed to treat the adult insects, a Greenhouse technician will return 30 days later to target the insect eggs. This follow-up treatment helps with the remaining adult insects and controls the newly hatched offspring. We will continue to treat your home on a quarterly basis.

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