Ants on the interior of the home have become a common, and even expected problem here in Florida. If you’re new to the Sunshine State or have become accustomed to our overpopulation of ants, you’ve come to the right place to up your ant knowledge.

The key to ridding your home of these pests is understanding how they enter your home, and learning how professionals rid the home of ants to prevent a future infestation.

Is there a way to prevent my chances of the ant takeover?
In Florida, it is inevitable that you will have a run in with an ant occasionally. There are 2 key ways to decrease your chances of having run-ins inside the home with or without a pest control treatment:

1. Keep food well contained.
The main reason ants enter the home is they have found access to food. It can be an open Coca Cola in the garage or the Cheetos bag in the kids’ playroom. Be sure that all drinks are closed, bags are sealed, leftovers are properly stored, and all food is put away and not left sitting out for long periods of time.

2. Keep your house clean.
Cleanliness is the second way to decrease the odds of ants sneaking in. Ants are attracted to sugar: that small dried up spill near the trash can, crumbs on the ground, even the grease under the grill in the garage. Be sure anywhere you eat, drink, or cook, is swept, mopped or cleaned regularly. Take your trash out regularly and store it on the exterior of your home.

Keeping your home above par when it comes to these two main areas will have a great effect in your battle against ants and other insects as well such as silverfish, and even roaches.

How do these ants keep finding their way inside?
When inquiring about our green pest defense solutions, the most commonly asked question is always “But how are they getting in?”. It’s due to the high population of ants on the exterior of our homes looking for shelter when rain and heat are peaking. It always seems to be the same few entry points that we deal with.

The first and most common entry point is a crack, crevice, or weep hole in the foundation of your home. As the home settles, especially with stucco, these openings form and act as a highway for ants to enter the home. Once an ant has entered your wall voids, they then run into your pipes and the search for food or water is on. In most cases ants will run into waterways like the kitchen or bathroom sink. Ants then use pheromones to communicate this glorious discovery of water to the rest of the colony, and in they come. Other entry ways are windows, doors, and garages. Even when entryways are closed ants can squeeze in. Keeping windows and doors closed is encouraged but it isn’t proof for keeping ants out.

How would Greenhouse Environmental solve my ant problem?

With generational knowledge and practice in the pest industry here in Florida, we’ve developed a 3 point pro ant treatment to combat ants. Our treatment not only gets rid of your current ant problem but also protects your home from future ants. Here’s how it works:

Our 3 Point Pro Ant Treatment

1. Treatment The first step is getting an infestation to a manageable state. Inside, we begin treatment with EPA declared reduced-risk products to target areas of greatest need, including laying specialized bait and spraying with a gentler treatment. Our goal is to flush out any ants that may be nesting in your wall voids or pipes.

2. Defense Once we have tackled the ants inside, we then put a barrier around the foundation of your home. This part of the service will flush out any of the ants in the cracks, crevices, and wall voids and leave a 3 ft x 3 ft barrier around your home to prevent the ants from coming back. To wrap up the defensive step we then treat all doorways, windows, lenias, and garages.

3. Offense The third and final step that is unique to our service is offense. Our Tampa customers call this the Tom Brady treatment. We take the battle to the ants by inspecting and spot treating 30 feet off of the foundation. We treat the bushes, mulch beds, trees, grass and soil beds to decrease the population of ants in your yard and begin to break up the egg cycle that has in most cases never been treated by traditional pest companies that stick to the foundation.

We are so confident in our practices that we offer a warranty against any ants that enter the home after our treatment. If ants pop back up we will come back out completely free of charge.

If you have any questions about ants or just want to learn more about our professional pest treatments, give us a call at (813) 991-0033.