Pest control prices in Florida range depending on treatment method, target insect and frequency of service. Below we will dive into what pest control option fits your needs the best.


Do it yourself pest control: 


There are many options for do it yourself pest control. Some people who value the “safer” pest options try out home remedies. Other’s give it a shot themselves with over-the-counter products. Typically do-it-yourselfers try out products from the local home improvement store in hopes of saving money and still having a bug-free home. In Northern states with colder climates this method in fact, will usually be your cheapest option without a high risk of it costing you in the long run. In Florida, DIY pest control comes with risk of reinfestation because of the typical lack of residuals from product, and correct application frequency. Bifenthrin which is what most over-the-counter products are based on, washes away and is broken down by sunlight . This product is known as a “contact killer”, acting as a “band aid” fix. Bifenthrin does kill and get rid of the bugs you see and spray on contact. There are bugs you don’t see as these bugs are hidden in the colony and if not treated and will continue to reproduce and nest in wall voids, grass, mulch beds, kitchens, etc. Bifenthrin is a great product and works well but in Florida’s heat the sun rays break down this product. As mentioned, over-the-counter solutions also are broken down by rain and this is a big focus point of our General House Pest Control service, using micro encapsulated, water activated products that are perfect for Florida’s climate. Some people can make do-it-yourself pest control work in Florida if they are treating weekly, but many choose to use a professional provider due to the fact that treating your home weekly for an hour, cost of the amount of over-the-counter product needed, along with the risk of a serious infestation, outweighs paying a professional. (With our GHP service we warranty all treatments for 3 months.)


Facts about infestations that require professional treatment


German roach infestation: 

Due to German Roaches rate of reproduction they are impossible to get rid of long term with over-the-counter product 

German Roaches reproduce every 24-72 hours

German Roaches love heat and humidity

Female German Roaches produce thousands of offspring per year.

German Roaches love heat and humidity (They love Florida)

German Roaches spend most of their lives in hidden and protected areas. 

German Roach egg capsules are not susceptible to insecticides.

German Roaches carry multiple diseases. 


Flea infestation inside:

Like German Roaches, Fleas are also nearly impossible to get rid of once they make it into the home, using over the counter products will not cut it.

Fleas have a flexible life cycle

Fleas can jump, allowing them to enter the home in various ways.

Female fleas lay up to 40 eggs a day

Fleas cause allergies 


One thing we take pride in at Greenhouse is our pricing and service for these special treatment bugs (Fleas and German Roaches). We understand how hard it is to live with these infestations and want to earn your business with a great price on these flushes backed by an even better service. 


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“Okay well i’ve tried it myself and i still see bugs, how much is this going to cost me?”


Here at greenhouse we take pride in approaching your bug problem in the most efficient way. Some homes need more attention where others do not. Depending on the surroundings at your home, structure of your home, bugs you are dealing with, and length of nesting cycle we will give you options for treatments we see fit that fit your budget and meet your needs properly. 


Frequency options:

Depending on your issues we have plans as frequent as monthly treatment, and as little as once a season. (Quarterly) Our most popular plan is the quarterly general house pest (GHP) control plan. Attached below is all of the bugs that the quarterly GHP plan would cover.


GHP Coverage and warrantied bugs:


Roaches (German Roach Flush excluded)

Snow Bugs


Sugar / Ghost Ants 


Box Elders


Argentine Ants 




Odorous Ants 

Carpenter Ants

American Roaches 

Upgraded Services:

Mice/Rats (Outside Only)

Flea and Tick Flush 

Flea and tick prevention

Aphid/Scale (Shrubs and Bush Treatment)

German Roach Flush


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